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Library Services (LLC): Circulation

Help finding things in GRCC's Library & Learning Commons

RaiderCard Library Card


Dewey Decimal System Call Numbers

Call numbers are used to help you locate titles on a shelf. GRCC and most public libraries use Dewey Decimal Call Numbers to arrange titles on book and audiovisual media shelves. 4-year colleges and universities usually use the Library of Congress Classification System to arrange their much larger collections. 

At GRCC, only titles on shelves are assigned call numbers; eBooks, eJournals, and streaming media do not need call numbers, so those finding aids provide links to the web-based resources.

  • Fiction titles are shelved  by author's last name in front of the 000s on the 2nd floor.
  • Nonfiction titles are arranged using Dewey Decimal System (DDS) call numbers:
    • 000s-General (including computers)
    • 100s-Philosophy and Psychology
    • 200s-Religion
    • 300s-Social Sciences
    • 400s-Languages
    • 500s-Math & Natural Sciences
    • 600s-Technology (Applied Sciences)
    • 700s-Arts & Recreation
    • 800s-Literature
    • 900s-History & Geography

If you cannot find the title you need with the call number, ask for assistance at the Library Reference Desk on the 1st floor.

Renewing Items Online

Renew RaiderSearch Catalog GRCC Library Materials: You may be able to renew them yourself!

  1. Connect to RaiderSearch Catalog.
  2. Logon (top right corner) with your last name and 7-digit Raider number.
  3. Follow the screen prompts to renew all titles, or just the ones you mark.  Note the new due date - and you're done.
  4. If you have any problems or questions about renewing, call LLC Circulation at 616-234-3872.

Interlibrary Loan Materials: Contact the RaiderLoan office at 616-234-3749.  Since the borrowed materials belong to another library, we cannot automatically renew them, but we can ask if a renewal is available.

Logging into Library Resources from Off-Campus

Raider Logon

When you select licensed resources from the Library website, a logon screen appears. 

  • Type your last name and 7-digit Raider number - and you're "good to go."  (Hint - no "W" in front of #.)
  • You will  be locked out of our server for 15 minutes if you enter the incorrect credentials too many times. 
  • If your name & Raider # combination does not work, contact the Library Circulation Desk at 616-234-3872.

Returning Library Materials

Book DropPlease return library and technology materials on - or before - their due date.

  • Return library titles at the Library Circulation Desk -OR- in the book drop outside the Library Lobby plaza entrance on Ransom Ave.
  • Technology materials must be returned at the Library Circulation Desk


Library Fines & Student Holds

Please return borrowed materials on time.  See Renewing Titles Online or call Circulation at 616-234-3872 to avoid overdue fines.

Holds:  At the end of each semester, Online Center holds are placed onto students with overdue materials.  This blocks students from getting official transcripts. 


  • 25 cents per hour for Course Reserve materials
  • 25 cents per day for GRCC Library books and audio visual materials
  • 50 cents per day for books and audio visual materials borrowed from other Libraries
  • If more than $10 in fines are accrued, a student will be unable to check out any materials (including laptops, reserve textbooks, headphones, etc.). 

Community and Non-Student Library Users

  • Members of the Grand Rapids community may borrow most print and audiovisual materials from GRCC's Library.  Licensing agreements prohibit access to our e-resource collections. 
  • Community members must provide current identification (photo ID (Drivers License, State ID, High School ID) or, a Michigan Public Library Card. Please return materials on time to avoid overdue fines and replacement fees.
  • With a valid Michigan public library card, GRCC will check out materials to you as a "Visiting Patron,"  and, we can offer you a GRCC guest library card. 
  • Questions?  Call Kevin at 616-234-3189 or the Reference Desk at 616-234-3868.