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RaiderLoan Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loan: RaiderLoan Home

What is RaiderLoan?

Books to be mailed to your homeRaiderLoan Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loan Services provide students, faculty & staff access to:

  • Resources (books, articles and media) not owned or licensed by GRCC's Library
  • Home delivery of borrowed items
  • Electronic delivery of articles

MelCat: Michigan's Statewide Library Network

If you don't find the title you want in [RaiderSearch Catalog], click the [Search MeLCat] button:search MeLCat button


  1. If your title appears in MeLCat, click on [Get this for me!].
  2. Select your home library - [Grand Rapids Comm Coll] is how we are listed - from the pull-down menu.
  3. Click the [Submit] button.
  4. Enter your [last name] and your [7-digit Raider number].
  5. Choose a [pickup location].
  6. You can track your MeLCat loans by logging into [RaiderSearch My Account].
  7. Or, watch this video for more information and instructions from


GRCC gets MeL and Michigan RaiderLoan Deliveries 5-days-a-week from all over the state of Michigan.  MeL Delivery is a free service for GRCC students, faculty & staff.

RaiderLoan Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loan Service

[New Users Open an Account OR Place a RaiderLoan Request]

 Who can borrow?

  • This service is offered to Grand Rapids Community College students, faculty, emeritus faculty, and staff with a GRCC email address. Ferris State University affiliates may place requests through FSU.
How long does RaiderLoan take?
Your request will be processed from GRCC when it is received.  It depends on the type of resource you are borrowing, and how long the lending library and the delivery systems take to get it to you. 
  • Articles:
    • Your title usually arrives in 1-7 business days.
    • Articles are delivered online to your RaiderLoan account.  You will be notified via GRCC email as soon as the article PDF is available to download.
  • Books and Audiovisual media:
    • Pickup location - GRCC Library - 1st Floor, your title will typically arrive in 3-12 business days, and you can pick it up at the 1st Floor Circulation Desk.  It may take longer if in use at some libraries, so order right away!
    • Pickup location - My Home (Slower), the item will be mailed first-class as soon as it is received by GRCC, so allow extra time for mail delivery.

What can be borrowed?

  • Books & Audiovisual Material
  • Articles in periodicals not subscribed to by GRCC

What cannot be borrowed?  

Many libraries will not lend the following types of materials:

  • Textbooks
  • Entire periodical issues (but individual articles are okay to request)
  • Genealogical material
  • Rare, valuable, or unique materials
  • Material with local circulation restriction

How do I return what I borrowed?

  • Article copies are yours to keep.
  • Books and audiovisual media must be returned by the date due written on the item cover slip.  Return the  item to GRCC's Library Circulation Desk; or home-delivery item by book-rate mail at your own cost re-using your package, label and instructions found inside it. If you ask a classmate or professor to return an item for you, remember you are the one responsible for its return and any accrued fines from GRCC or replacement costs from the lending institution.

*For more information or assistance, contact RaiderLoan at 616.234.3749 or email You can also Ask-A-Librarian.

Kathy Schoen, Library Specialist - Interlibrary Loan

Kathy Schoen's picture
Kathy Schoen

GRCC Library EGP
143 Bostwick Ave NE
Grand Rapids MI 49503
200 ZC007

Visiting Patron

RaiderCard in hand graphicVisiting Patron Program allows you to travel to Participating MeLCat Libraries,  and check out books using your RaiderCard and driver's license.

When done, return materials to that library, or to GRCC's Library.

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