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Liaison Librarians - One of the most important learning resources is a librarian specialist for you and your department. Your department's liaison librarian handles: library materials orders; Subject Guide curation; copyright questions; personalized library updates for faculty, and more. Contact your liaison, and if your department is not listed, contact Nan Schichtel at 616-234-3082 or

RaiderSearch, GRCC's Library Catalog

Search for books, ebooks, and media in the GRCC Library.

Try [Subject] searches for: Information Literacy, Learning, Community Colleges, College Teachers, Media Literacy, Plagiarism, etc.


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Higher Education Databases - Find Articles, etc.

For specific results on "teaching in an academic field",  select a database from your academic discipline's [Subject Guides]. The databases are listed in the order of likely best results.

Searching for Dissertations & Theses: The publishing world has changed for dissertations and theses. You may find full-text or 25-page previews in subject-related databases (ProQuest Central, ERIC, CINAHL, etc.).

  • If you've already identified a dissertation or thesis and are seeking the full-text version, try searching the graduating institution's website or library for that dissertation/thesis title. 
  • Otherwise, try the following tools to identify the literature - and - if you've lucky - score a free copy of one.

Department Liaison Librarians

Every academic department and many college initiatives and service departments have been assigned a librarian.  The liaison librarian is designated to be an information specialist for your department.   Work of the liaison librarian may include:

  • attending academic department meetings to better understand your curriculum needs
  • creating and curating Subject Guides supporting your department
  • handling collection development (selection & weeding) of the print, audiovisual media, and e-formatted materials making up the library collections supporting your department
  • working on outside accreditation efforts (please contact your librarian one year prior to accreditors' visits)
  • one-on-one and/or department information literacy sessions for faculty
  • advise on copyright issues
  • assistance with OER materials
  • creating information literacy materials for classes taught within the library's instructional program
  • assisting departmental committees with research-related needs

If your department does not have a liaison librarian, please contact Nan Schichtel at 616-234-3082.