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Integrated Reading & Writing: IRW 099

Review and development of skills necessary for proficient college writing. Classroom instruction and practice in the writing process and critical thinking.

IRW 099

Students review and develop skills necessary for proficient college writing. Classroom instruction focuses on the writing process, which includes prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and personal reflection. Students develop both an awareness of voice and an understanding of how writers adapt language for specific audiences and use various public forms and conventions. Conventional mechanics are stressed. Students are required to think, read, and write critically about assigned texts and their own writing.

IRW 099 will scaffold assignments and activities from linked EN 101 class.

IRW 099 Course Components

The following activities are required in all sections of this course:

In RW 099, students will practice and develop skills in integrating writing, reading, listening, speaking, and critical thinking.

Students will practice skills required in their linked EN 101 course.

Students will demonstrate inquiry- based writing proficiency in a variety of ways that will reinforce EN 101 assignments: thesis/support essays, summary/response writings, and informal writing assignments.

All classroom activities are designed to enhance students' skills in the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, publishing. 

1. Collaborative group work to enhance student learning (25-40%)

  • Peer review/Editing 
  • Discussion groups requiring critical thought

2. Critical thinking strategies (20-25%)

  • Analysis of assigned readings
  • Annotation of texts
  • Participation in discussion groups
  • Analysis and improvement of student writing
  • Peer review

3. Strategies for developing style (20- 25%)

  • Sentence combining
  • Modeling professional sentences

4. Compilation of a writing portfolio at instructor discretion

5. Writing workshops to practice the writing process: Computer lab, peer review, and/or conferences with instructor. (20 - 25%)

6. Four (4) polished multiple- paragraph essays written using the   writing process.
One of those essays must be a summary/response, where students will summarize and respond in an essay to an assigned reading--integrating outside sources and a Works Cited page using principles of MLA style and practicing critical reading, thinking, and research skills for the linked EN 101 course.

7. Twenty (20) - forty (40) pages of informal writing required (journals, in-class writing, etc.)

Note: Writing, both formal and informal, count as 70% of a student's grade.

IRW 099 Learning Objectives

1.  Students will apply critical thinking skills in both reading and writing.

2.  Students will engage in active reading and demonstrate the use of pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading strategies.

3.  Students will demonstrate use of the writing process:  pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and self-reflection.

4.  Students will establish an identifiable focus and purpose.

5.  Students will develop a thesis statement and appropriate support.

6.  Students will organize thoughts into recognizable paragraphs and essays that are unified, coherent, and well-developed.

7.   Students will create a variety of sentences using appropriate vocabulary.

8.  Students will analyze and revise their own writing to improve organization, development, and application of English conventions.

9.  Students will develop their writings in a variety of forms, including essays, summary/response writing, and reflections.

10.  Students will effectively organize communications, ensuring there is a clear introduction and conclusion, the content is well sequenced, and there are appropriate transitions. (CS2)

11.  Students will use high-quality, credible, relevant sources to support writing. (CS8)