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Integrated Reading & Writing: IRW 097 Topics

Review and development of skills necessary for proficient college writing. Classroom instruction and practice in the writing process and critical thinking.

IRW: 097 Topics

Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW) promotes basic integration of academic reading and writing skills through the review and development of skills for summarizing, interpreting, and analyzing the structure and style of various texts.  This course focuses on reading and writing processes and critical thinking strategies.  Ultimately, students demonstrate the ability to recognize and compose developed, coherent, and unified texts of various lengths, displaying academic vocabulary and informational text features. 

Standard Research Topics

  • College: What does it mean to be successful?

  • Diet and Nutrition:  Why are we unhealthy?

  • Family: How are America’s families changing?

  • Negatives & Positives: How is Technology Making us ______?






IRW 097 Topical Search Strategies

Remember that when doing a keyword search more words equal fewer results.

Science Diet and Nutrition: Why are we unhealthy?

  • Science and nutrition
  • Nutrition and vitamins
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Diet, food, and nutrition 
  • Food and nutrition
  • Nutrition and health
  • Health and diet
  • Health aspects Food
  • Health United States Food
  • Genetically modified foods
  • Health and GMOs
 Negatives and Positives

  • Technology and social aspects
  • Technology and United States
  • Technology and Youth
  • Technology and civilization
  • Internet and Teenagers
  • Internet and Social Aspects
  • Technology and Privacy
  • Social Media and Privacy
  • Technology and Computer Crimes
  • Social media and Crime
  • Social media and Technology
  • Information intelligence and Social Aspects
  • Technological innovations




Interpersonal Relationships and Family: How are  Families Changing in America

  • Families and social aspects
  • Marriage and family and United States
  • Changing America
  • Changing face of America
  • United States emigration and immigration
  • Changing and population and America
  • Immigration and population and America
  • Immigrants and population and family
  • Families and United States
  • Work and family and children
  • Children of illegal aliens and United States
  • Racially mixed families and United States





College: What does it mean to be successful?


  • College and success
  • College and career development
  • College graduates and employment
  • College and social aspects
  • College and academic achievement
  • College students and attitudes
  • College students and life skills
  • Higher education and aspects






Searching for Alternative Media

  • From the Library's HomePage Choose RaiderSearch
  • Then in the upper right hand corner choose "Advanced" Search, then click the arrow.
  • Enter your keywords in the the search box, select Streaming Video for your Material Type and then click Submit.
  • You can limit by other material types as well.

Google Advanced Search

Google Web Search

Search for videos and limit, .gov

Search for PowerPoints and limit by .org, .gov or .edu.



RaiderSearch, GRCC's Library Catalog

Search for books, ebooks, and media in the GRCC Library.

Try a [KEYWORD] search using one of the search strategies listed or try your own keyword search for your topic.


097 Learning Outcomes

1.  Use reading and writing processes and strategies.

2.  Identify an author's purpose.

3.  Develop a personal point of view.

4.  Analyze text connections and ideas.

5.  Identify and use rhetorical patterns.

6.  Show control of tone and style.

7.  Develop writing using a variety of forms.

8.  Format documents using appropriate style guidelines.

9.  Recognize and intentionally use a variety of sentence structures.

10.  Recognize and apply conventions of Standard Edited American English (SEAE).

11. Create a written summary of the main ideas extracted from information gathered. (CS1)

12. Use creativity and alternative thinking to brainstorm new ideas and possible solutions to problems or issues. (CT8)