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Integrated Reading & Writing: Dreaming of Writing

Review and development of skills necessary for proficient college writing. Classroom instruction and practice in the writing process and critical thinking.

Dreaming of Writing

Getting Started

1. Review the Application

  • Whose eligible
  • What is needed 
  • Follow instructions

2. Complete the Application

3. Letters of Recommendations

  • Request in writing
  • Give your letter writers basic information
    • ›Your contact information
    • ›The deadline for each letter you need
    • ›The type of scholarship for which you're applying - scholarship details
    • ›Any special directions from the application
    • Give your letter writers information you would like emphasized in the letter
    • ›Course of study
    • ›Career interests
    • School activities
    • Honors and awards received

Personal Statements

  • Include a person anecdote, accomplishment, story or quote

Make sure you answer the Essay Question

  • Research the organization of group offering the essay and include something about them in your essay


  • Each paragraph should focus on a single idea that supports your thesis or personal statement
  • Begin with topic sentences, support assertions with evidence, and expound your ideas clearly



  • Sentence and grammar checks
  • Content
  • Did you answer the question



  • Sentence and grammar checks
  • Content
  • Did you answer the question