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Integrated Reading & Writing: Reading Levels

Review and development of skills necessary for proficient college writing. Classroom instruction and practice in the writing process and critical thinking.

Instructions for Searching Lexile Scores in EBSCO Databases

How do I limit my searches by Lexile Reading Level in EBSCO Databases?
Several EBSCO databases and interfaces include the ability to limit search results by Lexile Reading Level.

To limit searches by Lexile Reading Level in participating Databases:

Search using the LX search tag, (LX) must be in caps. To see whether the database supports the LX limiter, click the Database Help link on the search screen and scroll down to the Searchable Fields area. If the LX limiter appears, you can enter LX and a Lexile range along with your search terms.

For example, in a database such as Points of View Reference Center, you could enter Iraq AND LX 500 - 750 to find articles about Iraq within that Lexile range.

Searching Lexile Reading Levels in Gale Databases

In the following Gale Databases you can limit by Lexile Reading Level on the advanced search screen.