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Searching for Books and Media: Basic Search

How do you find books and audiovisual media in the library?

Basic Search - RaiderSearch Catalog

[RaiderSearch Catalog] is GRCC's library catalog. RaiderSearch tells you what items the libraries owns, and where we store them.  If the titles can be checked out, the availability will be posted in RaiderSearch Catalog. You can find links to RaiderSearch Catalog on the LLC homepage, and on most [Subject Guides].

RaiderSearch Catalog widget

Type a search term or a phrase into the main search box and select from the several types of search options displayed in the drop-down menu.:

  • [Keyword]: This search will look for those words anywhere in the record. More words will result in fewer results.
  • [Subject]:  Looks for all items on a specific topic. For this search, your search terms need to match pre-assigned subjects in the catalog. If you don't know the pre-assigned subject you are better off doing a keyword search. Try entering a word to describe your person (last name first), place, topic or event to get a list of the designated subjects. Then, click a subject heading to bring up a list of items (try searching Michigan as an example). If you can't find a subject, try a keyword search to get started.  When you find an item of interest, check its record to see the subjects assigned (near the bottom of the record.)
  • [Title]: Looks for a specific work (book, movie, music recording, etc.)
  • [Author]: Looks for works by a specific author, organization, composer, artist, etc.Type the author's LAST NAME first (for example: King, Stephen).
  • [Call Number]: If you know the Dewey Decimal Call Number, you can enter it to see all the titles that have been assigned that number, or one close to it.  This is especially handy if you are searching from home and want to identify titles to pick up on your next trip to the library, or, to order for home delivery via [RaiderLoan].
  • [Course Name]:  Use this to determine whether there are Course Reserve materials available for any class you are taking.
  • [Instructor Name]: Use this to see whether your instructor has placed materials onto Course Reserve for your class.

If you get too many results, try the Advanced Search option in RaiderSearch Catalog to combine or exclude terms and limit your results by year, location, material type, etc.

If you don't find what you need, try the [Search MeLCat] button to expanding your search to other libraries in Michigan. Search MeLCat icon

See [RaiderLoan] for instructions on how to request materials from other libraries beyond what is available in MeLCat.

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