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Searching for Books and Media: Advanced Search

How do you find books and audiovisual media in the library?

Advanced Search - RaiderSearch Catalog

  • Select  [Advanced Search] to conduct a more detailed search. Use [Advanced Search] when you have multiple terms you wish to combine in a search, especially if they are different kinds of terms. This is the same screen you see if you have results on the screen and click [Modify Search].
  • Change the [Any Field:] box to select [Author], [Title], [Subject], [Notes/Table of Contents], depending on how specifically you wish to search.  You can also change the boxes labeled [AND], [AND NOT], [OR], or [NEAR]. These are called Boolean operators.
  • AND combines the search terms - the catalog will only find records that have ALL words listed (psychology and art)
  • OR is useful for similar terms or if you are searching multiple subjects - the catalog will find records that have ANY of the words listed (dog or canine)
  • AND NOT excludes search terms, only finding records that do NOT have the selected term listed (foreign policy and not iraq
  • NEAR finds words that are within ten words of each other, a very useful tool when the AND search is finding your search terms in entirely different parts of the record (education near elementary)