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Authenticating from an Off-Campus Location

When you select licensed resources from the Library website, a logon screen appears.  Type your last name and 7-digit Raider number - and you're "good to go."  If your name - Raider # combination does not work, contact the Library Circulation Desk at 616-234-3872.

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Off-Campus Library Services

What: access to collections, delivery services, and information literacy instruction are available.  The opportunity to have a librarian teach specific skills in your class - at your location - is offered to faculty every semester.

Who: available to GRCC students and faculty

Where: provided for courses based at sites outside of the Grand Rapids Main Campus including: online courses, the Lakeshore Campus, at Regional site locations in Rockford, Grandville, and Caledonia, as well as in Early College and Middle College programs held at GRCC-affiliated high schools.

When: 24/7

How: access to:

Tips for Off-Campus Students

tips for offcampus library researchTip #1 - You may be used to using other libraries, however your best bet is to use GRCC's Library & Learning Commons collections and services because GRCC:

  • Purchases materials specifically for GRCC classes
  • Purchases materials written at a college reading level
  • Licenses e-periodicals, ebooks and streaming videos which are easily accessible off-campus
  • Provides free RaiderLoan document delivery & interlibrary loan services - services that likely you won't have access to, or, will find too expensive at other libraries.

Tip #2 - Use [Subject Guides] to start your research, and, contact the appropriate liaison librarian if you have questions.

Tip #3 - Get started early on your research so you have plenty of time for home postal delivery of materials.

Tip #4 - Ask-a-Librarian if you have any questions.

RaiderLoan Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loan Service


An important services for off-campus students is RaiderLoan Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan.  While the Library provides a myriad of resources in e-formats for your use, sometimes what you need is only found on the library shelves - or - is owned by another library. 

RaiderLoan allows you to request traditional print and audiovisual titles from the library shelves to be mailed to your home (document delivery).  RaiderLoan also allows you to request titles the Library does not own or license (interlibrary loan). Before you use RaiderLoan for the first time, you must register for the service.  Click the RaiderLoan tab for details.

Raiderloan form

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