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Reading: IRW 098 Topics

Integrated Reading & Writing

IRW: 098 Topics

RW 098 is designed to combine developmental reading and writing into one course where students develop proficiency in specific integrated and contextualized reading and writing skills. This allows students to accelerate through their developmental reading and writing sequence.

Standard Research Topics

  • College: What does it mean to be successful?

  • Social Justice: How do Americans treat other Americans?

  • Pop Culture, Values and Beliefs: To what extent does popular culture reflect our society's values?

  • Gender Identity: What does gender identity mean in America?

  • Psychology: Do I need to be emotionally intelligent?






IRW 098 Topical Search Strategies and Examples

Remember that when doing a keyword search more words equal fewer results.

College: What does it mean to be successful?


Search Terms Print Book Examples   Alternative Media Examples

College Success

  • College and success
  • College and career development
  • College graduates and employment
  • College and social aspects
  • College and academic achievement
  • College students and attitudes
  • College students and life skills
  • Higher education and aspects

MJ Success Meme 

Social Justice

  • Social Justice and United States

  • Social Justice and racism

  • Social Justice and social conditions

  • Social conditions and equality

  • Latinos, Americans and culture

  • Hispanics and America

  • United States, citizenship and race

  • Immigrants and race

A poem from a book of Poetry on your topic. 

Popular Culture

  • Popular culture, values and United States
  • Popular culture and society
  • Popular culture and youth or teenagers
  • Popular culture and debate
  • Social Media and popular culture
  • Technology and popular culture
  • Social aspects and popular culture
  • America, popular culture and World
  • Popular culture and  America
  • Intercultural communication
  • Popular culture
  • Popular culture and world

Song Lyrics

Gender Identity

  • Gender identity and United States
  • Sex role and identity
  • Women and identity
  • Men and identity
  • Transgender people
  • Sex and identity
  • Youth development and identity
  • Gender and United States

.Gov ...Image

Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Psychology and emotional intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence and social aspects
  • Emotions and cognition
  • Emotions and Self awareness
  • Self awareness
  • Emotions and social skills
  • Social intelligence
  • Positive psychology and emotion
  • Brain and emotions

Ted Talk-- Click image to see example


098 Learning Outcomes

1.  Develop a point of view on an issue.

2.  Recognize the purpose of audience within texts.

3.  Demonstrate critical thinking skills.

4.  Classify and use rhetorical patterns.

5.  Formulate and exhibit consistent tone and style.

6.  Produce texts that exhibit sentence structure variety.

7.  Demonstrate conventions of Standard Edited American English (SEAE).

8.  Document sources and format writing using the appropriate style guideline.

9.  Analyze structures and interpret meanings of various texts.

10.  Infer and evaluate information within texts.

11.  Use schema to monitor comprehension.

12.  Develop writings in a variety of forms such as essays, summary/response writing, and reflections.

13.  Create and/or organize data and information into meaningful patterns in order to interpret and draw inferences from it. (CT3)

14.  Use well-designed search strategies to gather data and information. (CT10)

GRCC Library OneSearch

RaiderSearch, GRCC's Library Catalog

Search for books, ebooks, and media in the GRCC Library.

Try a [KEYWORD] search using one of the search strategies listed or try your own keyword search for your topic.


Handouts and Assignments

Alternative Media for the IRW 098 Topics

Alternative Sources

for IRW 098 Topics

To enhance your Theme Project find other resources to support your theme. Alternative resources such as videos, audio files, podcasts, songs, images, cartoons, etc., can be used  to support your theme.

Below are some media types and examples for you to consider:

TED Talks

Click on the icon below to search for a TED Talk that you can use to support your theme/topic.


YouTube Videos

Click on the icon below to search for a YouTube video or music that you can use to support your theme/topic.


Comic and Cartoons

Click on this comic below to learn the dos and don'ts for using a  cartoon or comic strip to support your topic.



Click on the icon below to search for images that you can use to support your theme/topic.


Click on the icon below to search for podcast that you can use to support your theme/topic.