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Linking Library Resources into Blackboard: Linking Library Resources Home

Populate Blackboard courses with a variety of Licensed Library Databases.

6 Reasons to Link Library Resources in Blackboard

  1. Blackboard logoEliminate Copyright compliance worries since e-reserve use is covered in the Library’s database contracts
  2. Acquaint students with professional literature in their field sooner
  3. Model academic research behavior for your students’ own research
  4. Reduce a student’s cost for print course packs and/or departmental copying costs by pointing to resources the College has already paid for
  5. Provide learning content 24/7!
  6. Assistance in linking is provided by your Department Liaison Librarian

Other Subject Guides of Interest

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General Blackboard Linking Instructions

1. In Blackboard, decide where to place e-reserve readings. Some faculty choose Course Documents, and create folders for each week’s selections. You decide what works best!  In Blackboard, select “edit view.”

2. Select [Build Content] from the toolbar and scroll down and select [Web Link.]

3. In the [Weblink] form, type the title or the author and first words of the title into the NAME field.

In the URL field, paste the URL you discover within various GRCC licensed resources. HINT: See the tab corresponding to the database vendor in which the title was found for details.  All GRCC library links start with http://0- as that is the key to making the links password-protected – and legal!

In the DESCRIPTION field, copy and paste the MLA or APA citation that many databases generate.  AGC policy requires that professors cite resources used in Blackboard - plus, it models the activity that we require of students.

4. Most professors check YES under all the #3 Options settings. [Track number of views] clues you in as to how many students actually view the selection. [Submit] it and check to see how it looks. If you don’t like the way it looks, then modify / edit the information and try again. And, if you have any problems or questions with these functions, call your librarian


5. Before reusing readings or streaming media from a previous semester, it is a good practice to check each to ensure the links still works. If they don't, contact your liaison librarian for assistance.  And, consider adding your liaison librarian as a TA in your class.

(this tab last updated 11/2/2016)

But what if the resources you want to share are not available in a GRCC Database?

If the resources you want to share are not in a GRCC database, it is very likely you still can use them in Blackboard, but professors must be cognizant of copyright issues. See the Copyright Subject Guide.

  • Entire Books: Contact your liaison librarian to see if an e-book version can be licensed, or if there is a suitable alternate.
  • Chapters / Selections from Books: With any luck, the book title you want will be covered by the Copyright Clearance Center RightFind Annual License.
  • Periodical Articles: With any luck, the periodical title you want will be covered by the Copyright Clearance Center RightFind Annual License.

The professor is responsible for requesting permission and paying for copyright fees not covered by the College's RightFind Annual License with CCC. Speak with your departmental chair before incurring any copyright charges that may not be reimbursed.