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Copyright: Copyright Clearance Center CCC

This guide is intended to assist faculty and staff in understanding educational copyright and in using copyright resources.

Librarian Tips for Copyright Compliance

  1. When you select online library resources (ebooks, online periodicals, streaming video, databases) from GRCC's collections, copyright compliance is built in.  Librarians negotiate reuse within their online resources contracts.  If you follow the steps in the [Linking Library Resources] Subject Guide, you'll be all set... legally!

  2. If you use resources from non-licensed sources, then you must determine whether the use is "Fair Use", or, whether a copyright compliance fee must be paid to the owner of the intellectual content.    "Fair Use" usually just covers the educators first use of someone else's intellectual content, so that won't work for a resource you use semester after semester.  Use the [Copyright Clearance Center] to request permission under the GRCC Annual License.

  3. If you are pointing to a resource on the public internet - a YouTube video, an article on a public website, etc. - you do not need to get prior permission to point to that item

  4. If, however, you are saving and uploading a copy of public internet resources to your Blackboard rather than pointing to them, you must get permission to do so - unless that item is prominently marked as being available through Creative Commons or a similar licensing organization.

January Learning Day Presentation

Copyright Clearance Center

Search for permission to photocopy or share content electronically at CCC's Annual License - Academic. Bookmark this page.

  1. Enter a search for the Publication Title or ISBN/ISSN. Do not enter the title of the specific article or chapter. You may be required to enter the year of a particular publication for titles where some years are under license, and more recent ones are not.

  2. Find the Publication Title in the results screen.

  3. Results of the search usually indicate a green check (okay to use) or a red forbidden circle icon (not covered for use) in the [Annual License Holders] box. 

  4. Hover over the [Academic - Digital/Print] link to see specific terms from the copyright holder.

  5. Make a screen shot of the page and upload that into your Blackboard as proof of compliance, and mention it to your students. If you share content with other instructors, be sure to share the proof of compliance, too.  Check each title in CCC each semester you teach the course to ensure that the title is still covered by the license.

  6. If the record for the Publication Title has a red forbidden icon, that indicates that reuse is NOT covered by the Annual License. You will need to contact the copyright holder and ask for permission, or, decide to use something else.

  7. If the Publication Title does not appear in the CCC results, then it is NOT covered under the Annual LicenseClick the [Can't find the publication you're looking for?] link and follow the screen prompts.  Permissions for each title will be different, and may take as much as 6 months to get permission. 

  8. The classroom instructor is responsible for requesting permission and paying for copyright fees not covered by the College's Annual License with CCC.  Speak with your departmental chair before incurring any copyright charges that may not be reimbursed. 

  9. For assistance in citation verification, or help in determining the copyright owner, contact your liaison librarian in the Library and Learning Commons.