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Political Science (PS): PS 110 & 200/201

PS110 News Sources

If you are looking for something specific, use a database on the [Political Science Home] tab to identify articles on your topic. Check [Debate & Controversy Periodicals] to see which political bias a periodical may be known for.  Check [eJournal List] for periodical titles not listed below.  For general news sources, see the [News Subject Guide].

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PS200/201 State & Local Data & Policy Resources


US Statistical map example

Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas of the United States and Puerto Rico December 2009

Statistics-Seeking Strategy

  1. Know who creates, collects, organizes and curates the data you read.  Read the [About] section of any website - often found with a mission statement.
  2. Start with the information creator first - the governmental website of the legislature, governor, court system, etc. 
  3. Proceed to the largest state and/or best-known "big" school. You'll find useful links on the university Library's government, political science, public administration, etc. Subject Guides.
  4. Check to see if there are state-oriented policy think-tanks relating to socioeconomic challenges that state faces.  
  5. Check the professional organizations in political science and public administration for statistics and position papers. 

Statistical Sources - United States

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