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Paying for College: Paying for College - Scholarships

Scholarship Search Tips from Financial Aid

  1. Never pay for a scholarship search.
  2. Read the scholarship privacy policy.  If you apply, who will have access to your data? When you can, optScholarship application graphic out of sharing your data.
  3. If a school lists a web resource you should not assume the school endorses the scholarship or source.
  4. Use good judgment.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. Check with your place of worship and fraternal organizations that your family belongs to, such as clubs, unions, work, etc.
  6. Check to see if any of the businesses (like banks or credit unions) you frequent offer scholarships.
  7. Do not provide contact methods that provide solicitors an opportunity to sell you products or services. Consider using an email created expressly for the purpose of a scholarship search.

Scholarships Portals

Scholarship Application attributed to Digital Ralph

Photo courtesy of Digital Ralph

TRiO Scholarship Opportunities

GRCC Scholarships & Competitions

Be sure to check out the various academic department websites which often advertise scholarship opportunities in their fields.

Scholarships - Local & Michigan

Large employers often set aside some of their corporate giving funds for scholarships for employees, employee family members, and customers.  Think about the businesses, financial institutions, churches and clubs with which you interact and seek out additional funding streams for your education.  Always check the scholarship website for the most recent applications and criteria for inclusion.

Scholarships - National & International

Graduation capAlways check the scholarship website for the most recent applications and criteria for inclusion.