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Astronomy: Astronomy Web Resources

ACS Image of NGC 5866

This is a unique NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope view of the disk galaxy NGC 5866 tilted nearly edge-on to our line-of-sight.

ACS Image of NGC 5866
Source:; Credit: NASA, ESA and The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI); Acknowledgment: W. Keel (University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa)

Space Telescopes

A Space Telescope is an astronomical telescope that is lauched into space and is remotely operated. A space telescope can obtain higher quality images from space by avioding earth's atmospheric interferance.

Astronomy General Websites

Google in Space

Evaluate Websites

Remember to always evaluate a website before using it for research purposes.  Some criteria for evaluating websites include:

  • Accuracy

  • Authority

  • Coverage

  • Currency

  • Objectivity

  • Purpose

If you have any questions about the quality of a website, ask a librarian for help!


An Observatory is a building housing an astronomical telescope or other sceintific equipment that is operated from the ground an observes astronomical, meteorological, or other natural phenomena.