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Applied Technology and Job Training: Fulltext Journals

Use to locate information on applied technology, automotive, computer support, construction, and welding.

Periodical Categories

JAH cover

1. Report original research, discoveries or experimentation
2. Are written by and for scholars and researchers in the field, and aimed at scholarly readers such as professors, scientists, and advanced students
3. Use terminology, jargon and the language of the discipline
4. Cite sources and provide footnotes and/or bibliographies
5. Are often peer reviewed by an editor or specialists in the field for accuracy
6. Often contain graphs, statistics, case studies
7. Are often published by academic or association presses
8. Contain selective advertising
9. Attribute authorship to one or more persons
10. Examples: Journal of Materials Science, Journal of Robotics, Welding Journal

1. Focus on a specific profession or industry
2. Articles are written for professional or trade-associated audiences by scholars, freelance writers, or magazine staff
3. Use terminology, jargon and the language of the discipline
4. Are published by professional or trade associations
5. Articles occasionally cite sources
6. Articles may include photographs, illustrations, industry-specifics statistics, and information
7. Examples: Advanced Materials & Processes, Laser Focus World, Modern Machine Shop