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English (EN) - Composition: Rogerian Essay

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What is a Rogerian Essay?

Some English instructors will assign a Rogerian Essay for class. A Rogerian Essay explores both sides of an issue and suggests a compromise, synthesis or solution. It's sometimes referred to as a "common ground" argument paper.

A Rogerian Essay outline may look like this*:

  1. Introduce the problem and show why you and your intended audience are affected by the problem.
  2. Lay down the common beliefs, ideas and arguments between you and your listeners (if you are speaking) or readers (if you are writing a position paper).
  3. Reveal the position that you are holding without saying that your position is better than the opposing belief.
  4. Show instances where and when your position is valid and how your position differs from the opposing belief.
  5. State your thesis.

*from the Tips for Essays and Research Papers website

Rogerian Essay Research

Video Explanation of Rogerian Argument