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GRCC Library OneSearch: Home

What is being searched in OneSearch?

Starting your research in OneSearch is great because materials from throughout the library are being searched from the single search box, including books, ebooks, database articles, and more.

A search on cat dog fish will retrieve items that contain all three words in the citation and/or in the full text of the item.

Running a search

Searching is as easy as Search - Refine - Get...

  • Search:  enter your search terms
  • Refine:  use the filters and facets on the left side of your search results.
  • Get:  click on an item to access it

Wanting to do a more targeted search?

Moving over to the Advanced Search page lets you be more specific with your search.  For example, you can tell Summon to look for the author "Sally Smith", so you can focus your search on materials by "Sally Smith" rather than about "Sally Smith".


GRCC Library OneSearch Video Tutorial

Are you ready to start using the GRCC Library OneSearch to do research? This video explains how to access OneSearch,  refine your results, and create citations.

Set up your own OneSearch widget

Are you an instructor or librarian? You can create a search box or a search widget that is scoped to your particular needs, and place it on any webpage. For example, if you are a Physics instructor with a course webpage, you might want to promote the diverse world of physics-related research by providing a widget or search box that is automatically limited to querying physics-related material. 

Several other scoping mechanisms are available. From this widget building site, you'll be guided step-by-step to create your own search box or search widget. At the end, you'll be given a set of javascript code that you can place on a webpage.