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Linking Library Resources into Blackboard: RaiderSearch Library Catalog

Populate Blackboard courses with a variety of Licensed Library Databases.

RaiderSearch Library Catalog

RaiderSearch Library Catalog

  • Since the advent of GRCC's Library OneSearch functionality, most eBooks  and streaming videos are no longer listed in RaiderSearch Library Catalog and only appear in OneSearch OR in a vendor's LICENSED eBook or streaming video database (not the catalog).
  • However, if the Library OWNS (versus licences) an ebook or streaming video, that title IS listed in Raidersearch Library Catalog as well as in OneSearch.  
  • If the title is not available in an e-format,  the traditional print or video resource can be placed onto Course Reserve within the Library.  You can show the availability of the Course Reserve resource to your students. RaiderSearch Results Link

Whether the resource you wish to use is an OWNED ebook or streaming video, or, a title on Course Resources, locate the resource you wish to link into your Blackboard in RaiderSearch Library Catalog. Right-click and copy the [Permament Link] URL found in the bottom right hand corner, and then paste it into your Blackboard.  The link looks something like this:

Paste the permalink into  your Blackboard. RaiderSearch does not create a formatted citation like OneSearch does, so create your own citation, or, find the item in OneSearch (it should be there, too) and copy the formatted citation.

last updated 4/24/2020