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Mobile Teaching & Learning: MTL Tools

Teaching & Learning Tools You Can Use

How Does It Look on Mobile?

Testing Your Course

If you have a mobile device of your own, we recommend downloading the Blackboard app and accessing your course through the app as you build it. Content, images, assignments, and other course elements can all behave differently in the app, and it can help you design more effective mobile-friendly activities if you have firsthand experience with how students will be interacting with your course.

You might also consider visiting your course on a mobile web browser for another view and experience. 

Instructional Design for Mobile Learning

Mobile-Friendly Content

Some documents that you upload may be difficult for students to read on mobile devices. Consider using view-only Google Docs links rather than uploaded Word documents, or keeping most content in Blackboard itself.

If you have lectures or long class discussions recorded in Zoom, and these recordings don't rely heavily on slides or other visuals, you can upload them to Blackboard as podcasts for audio-only listening. Zoom will locally record both video and audio-only feeds of your class sessions, and students may find the audio version more useful as they can listen while they commute, do chores, 

Mobilizing Your Assignments

As you create the assignments for your course, think about the ways that students will complete them. Would a student with only a phone be able to finish your course? It's not always possible - in which case, we do have resources like laptop loaners that can help. 

As you develop more mobile-friendly courses, you may be able to "mobilize" some assignments - use the mobile element of mobile learning to enrich the learning experience of completing them. Have students upload pictures from their phone to a discussion board, or record a video from a park, or create their own mobile content in other ways.