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Nursing: PN131

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Try [Subject] searches for Reproductive Rights, Birth Control, Abortion, Contraception, Family Planning, Natural Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Women Social Reformers, Women Civil Rights Workers, Women Human Rights Workers, OR, for the name of a famous reproductive rights activist.


Pro-Life Millenials Speak Out

Sexual Health Issues

PN131 Nursing Databases

This first group of databases provides articles published in HEALTH and MEDICAL literature.

The following databases provide general BIOGRAPHICAL information.

This following databases provide PRO-CON argumentative articles and US political news on many topics, including reproductive rights. Look for information about the people involved.

The following SOCIAL SCIENCES databases provide links to resources published in sociological, historical, and  ethnic & racial publications.

Reproductive Rights Topics & Synonyms to Consider

When researching a topic like Reproductive Rights, know that the phrase is of more recent derivation, and probably was not used throughout the history of the reproductive rights movement.  Consider these synonyms: 

Abortion / Anti-Abortion
Activism / Activists
Assistive Reproductive Technologies
Birth Control
Contraception / Contraceptives
Emergency Contraception
Family Planning
Feminism / Feminists
Male Rights / Men’s Rights
One-Child Policy
Pro-Choice / Pro-Life
Reproductive Justice
Reproductive Rights
Sex Education
Sexual Health
Women’s Movement / Women’s Rights
“Women’s Rights in <insert a country>"