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Library Services (LLC): Reference

Help finding things in GRCC's Library & Learning Commons


WHAT   Ask-a-Librarian is an email reference service available to students, faculty and staff.Ask-a-Librarian screen image

WHO ANSWERS?   Ask-a-Librarian questions are answered by GRCC's master-degreed librarians.  We answer library & resource-related questions, and have general knowledge of, or experience with, most local assignments.

WHEN   Ask-a-Librarian assistance is available when the library is open and reference librarians are on duty.  See Library & Reference Hours.

HOW LONG DOES THIS TAKE?: Give us 2 hours to answer your question from the time we receive it via email.  Usually we answer questions within 20 minutes upon receipt!  If the question is received close to the time when librarians go off the Reference Desk,  or after Reference Hours ( Library & Reference Hours), we will answer it first thing on our next business day.

HOW DOES THIS WORK?  In the online form, tell us who you are and the best way to contact you, what class the question may pertain to, give us your professor's name, what your assignment specifications are (must use peer-reviewed journals, MLA or APA citing, etc.), when your assignment is due, and the question you have or the problem you are experiencing. 

Typical questions include:

  • I found a great title in RaiderSearch Catalog but someone else checked it out.  How can I get a copy of that book?
  • My instructor told me I must use professional journals in XXX but I don't know where to find them.
  • There's a really terrific article from XXX database <insert the article citation> but there's no full-text for that article.  How can I get the "real-deal"?
  • I found this internet resource <insert the URL for the librarian tow view> and have to cite it using APA.  I don't know what kind of a resource it is (book, pamphlet, webpage, something else?) so I don't know how to cite it.  Can you help?
  • I am taking a class on the Lakeshore Campus at the MTEC, and my instructor assigned a research paper.  There's no library here... what am I supposed to do?

Librarians will contact you via email or phone with an answer - and a means to contact that librarian directly if you have further questions.

Reference Assistance

phone imageIf you need guidance on finding sources, finding the best databases for your subject, or anything in between, we're here to help! GRCC's  librarians can help you develop research skills, create effective search strategies, learn to evaluate materials, and a whole lot more!

  1. In person at the LLC Reference Desk
  2. By Phone:  If you need a quick answer, call a Reference Librarian at 616.234.3868 anytime the library is open.
  3. Ask-a-Librarian email service
  4. Contact the Liaison Librarian for your academic department. (Email links are also found on Library Subject Guides.)