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APA Made Easy: Assessment Answers

Step by Step instructions for formatting using APA Style

Assessment Answers

APA Quiz Answers


1. The words "Running head" should appear in the heading of every page of your document.  -- False

2. The contents of an APA paper should be "aligned left." -- True

3. You should use "Arial" font when using APA formatting. -- False

4. Single digit numbers should be spelled out. --  True

5. In-text citations of 40 words or more should be in a block quotation style. -- True

6. Main headings should be centered and bold. -- False

7. You do not have to cite all sources used. --  False

8. When citing a book in the Reference list, the book title should be italicized. --  True

9. In the Reference list, the year should be bold. --  False

10. The Reference List should be alphabetized. -- True