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Developmental Education / Academic Foundations Program (AFP) : Research Topics

The Academic Foundations Program (AFP) helps students learn how to learn in a college environment. AFP gives under-prepared students the competitive edge they need to handle hard classes and earn their degree.

Research Topics


Reading 097-098 Research Topics

Search Keywords

Stereotyping / Racism

  • stereotyp* (stereotypes, stereotyping, etc.)
  • discrimination
  • prejudice
  • cross-cultural studies
  • Racism
  • Racist
  • Race relations
  • Race

Should teachers fail students earlier?

  • Early grade failure
  • repeating grades early
  • Retaining students primary grades
  • Early grade retention


Universities vs. Community Colleges

  • "Two year" vs "Four year"
  • Pro and cons university and "community college"


Depression -- Causes /Remedies


Suicide/Causes Statistics by Age


Violence in Schools / Causes/Solutions


Identity Theft


Global Recession  
Internet Predators  

Effect of Alcoholism ofn the Family


The Arab Spring / Effects and Causes  

Global Warming – is it real? What can we do?


Organic Foods   - Cost? Worth?


Stem Cell Research -  Pros/Cons


Violence on TV and its Effect on Children


The Latest in efforts to cure cancer


Health Care Reform : Pros/Cons Now that it is here


Illiteracy in America


Poverty in America


Why Public Schools are Failing


The Tea Party – what it stands for


Making America Energy Independent

Political Party  

Overturning Roe v Wade (Supreme Court Abortion Ruling) – What it would mean for America?


Saving Social Security for your generation – what do the experts predict and suggest?


The Mortgage Housing Debacle that hit in 2008 – what caused it?  What were the effects?

Obesity: Its effect on longevity  

Has Affirmative Action been a good thing or bad thing for Americans?


Fracking – good or bad?


Should the sale and use of marijuana be legalized in all states?


Should the sale and use of marijuana be legalized in all states?


Protecting the border – immigration and the possible solutions