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Linking Library Resources into Blackboard: Alexander Street Press

Populate Blackboard courses with a variety of Licensed Library Databases.

Alexander Street Press

Academic Video Online: Premium  from Alexander Street Press (ASP)  contains streaming video supporting countless programmatic areas.  You can link to a specific video in its entirety, create a bookmark for where you want the video to start streaming, - or -  create a time-coded video clip.

RaiderSearch ASP linking

Video Link from RaiderSearch Catalog:  Right-click the URL labelled [View this video], and select [Copy Link Location] and paste the URL into Blackboard.


Video Link from Alexander Street Press Database: If you've started your search for videos from the ASP Database, then you can copy & paste the URL in the Search Engine URL field (see graphic).  This URL contains the 0-prefix that is necessary for off-campus users to have access.


Link to Specific Time-Coded Clip in ASP: This option creates a clip with a specified time-coded beginning and end.  Select [View thumbnails] to see the video in smaller pre-selected units. Select the time-coded portion at which you wish to start viewing. Or, you can note the beginning and ending times of the clip you wish to create.

Click the [scissors] icon and  follow the screen prompts to select the beginning and end times of the selection. Use either the green-start & red-stop arrows OR the time coding below the video which can be edited to be more accurate than the flags. You may add a Clip Title and Notes if desired. [Save]. The clip is saved under the [Clips] tab.

From the [Clips] tab, click [<>] Open Embed Dialog and copy & paste the [Permanent Link] URL to the clip into Blackboard.

(tab last updated 11/2/2016)