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Linking Library Resources into Blackboard: CRCnetBASE

Populate Blackboard courses with a variety of Licensed Library Databases.


CRCnetBASE contains e-book titles in science, technology, and medical subject areas. Multiple readers can access the content at the same time. This makes it perfect for use in large classes, or in classes with many sections.   Discover CRCnetBASE titles within RaiderSearch results, OR, select CRCNetBase from the [Databases] page.

Link the entire book: Locate the title in RaiderSearch Catalog. Click into the full bibliographic record, then right-click the [View this book] link and [Copy the link location].  Paste the URL into your Blackboard. Note that each link should start with GRCC's http://0- prefix.

Linking a chapter: CRCnetBASE allows the end user to download individual chapters; to comply with copyright, faculty should point to those chapters rather than uploading a chapter into Blackboard.

Please note, Safari browser users may not be able to access CRCnetBASE titles. 

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(last updated 9/8/2016)