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Linking Library Resources into Blackboard: SMART Imagebase

Populate Blackboard courses with a variety of Licensed Library Databases.

SMART Imagebase Scientific and Medical Art

SMART Imagebase Scientific & Medical ART contains 20,000+ quality illustrations and animations depicting anatomy, physiology, surgery, diseases, conditions, trauma, embryology, histology, and other health science topics. 

GRCC users are free to use SMART Imagebase images for as long as GRCC subscribes to the SMART Imagebase. College students and educators may use the SMART Imagebase content for educational, non-commercial purposes such as research, classroom assignments, test preparation, lectures, web-based courseware, lesson plans, and testing. Users may download images for educational, non-commercial use in lectures, presentations, slide shows, web sites and more.SMART image downloading

  1. Identify the image you wish to download.
  2. SMART images are watermarked* until a licensed user downloads the image. To download a non-watermarked image, click "Download" at the lower right side of the image preview.
  3. Select an image type and click "Download."  Some, not all, images are provided in multiple formats.  Select the format that works best for you. 

* No watermarks found in database content 11/14/2016.

View this FAQ to find out more about SMART Imagebase.

tab last updated 8/14/2018