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Citing Sources: Citation Generators

Use this guide as a resource when you cite sources.

Web Citation Services

  • Bibme: provides free citations in MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian styles and includes an autofill feature.  Other features availabe with free login.  Developed by Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Knight Cite: provides free MLA, APA and Chicago style citations for approximately 25 types of sources.  Developed by Calvin College in Grand Rapids.
  • OttoBib: make a free citation of a book with just an ISBN, which stands for International Standard Book Number.  A book's ISBN can be found in the RaiderSearch catalog record or in the book itself.
  • Zotero: this free service downloads as an extension of Mozilla Firefox and allows users to cite and share sources.  Developed by George Mason University.
  • EasyBib: provides both free and fee services.  Free services include MLA citations and documentation downloads to Microsoft Word.  Full research services, including APA citations, start at less than $20/year. 
  • NoodleBib: very limited free services, free full-subscription trials available, individual subscriptions are less than $15/yr.  Full subscription includes online access and storage, research organization, advanced citation help, and documentation downloads to Microsoft Word.

Common Errors

Though they can be very handy, when using citation generators you still need to check your citations for accuracy because:

  • they may not cover every type of source material you need to cite.
  • they may not be able to create the correct letter case as required (upper/lower case).
  • they may not use the most up-to-date standards for your citation style.