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APA Made Easy: APA Made Easy Home

Step by Step instructions for formatting using APA Style

What is APA?

American Psychology Association (APA) publishes a formatting guide titled the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The publication is meant to guide formatting and citing when writing reports of research.

Why use APA?

  • It helps format  and organize your paper.
  • It helps students properly cite sources used.
  • It helps reduce plagiarism.
  • Many departments and instructors here at GRCC require it

Table of Contents

APA Made Easy

I. Formatting Title Page

  • Running Head
  • Inserting Page Numbers
  • Title, Name, School

II. APA Margins, Spacings & Fonts

  • Margins
  • Spacings
  • Fonts

III. APA Capitalization and Numbers

  • Capitalizatin
  • Numbers

IV. APA Headings

V.  APA In-Text Citation

  • Author-Date Method
  • Block Quotations

VI. APA Reference List

Who's likely to require APA at GRCC

  • Psychology Department
  • Sociology Department
  • Business Department
  • Health Programs